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At Wilber Mansion in Oneonta, NY

2017 Members Show

The Community Arts Network of Oneonta is pleased to announce its 4th Annual Members’ Exhibition! Featuring artwork by 32 CANO artist members. Painting, photography, etching, illustration, & more.

Exhibition: Kate Shannon & Brent Delanoy

Kate Shannon “Within the Happy Crowd”, photography
Brent Delanoy “Icelandic Images”, photography

Exhibition: Carrie Mae Smith & Suzanne Schireson, Nancy Gossett, Mayumi Sarai

Carrie Mae Smith & Suzanne Schireson “Maternal Matters”
Nancy Gossett “Painted Portraits”
Mayumi Sarai “Stitching the Seasons”

2017 Mansion Show: Resist

CANO’s Mansion Show is an annual juried art exhibition open to all artists, and all media.

Exhibition: Christine Heller, Pooh Kaye, Sarah Nguyen

Christine Heller “NYS Suffragettes – Centennial Anniversary”, drawings & lithographs
Pooh Kaye “Clapper Lake Landscapes”, ink washes & animation
Sarah Nguyen “Cave Dwellers”, paintings & paper cuttings

Exhibition: Anthony Hanakovic, Judith Lamb, James Nefsey

Anthony Hanakovic – “The Baroque Period Revisited”, Oil Paintings, Etchings, Aquatints
Judith Lamb – “Organic Matter, the Cycle of Life”, Oil Paintings
James Nefsey – “Myths and Ancient Memories”, Photography

Exhibition: Ryan Jenkins, Simone Mantellassi, Brian Spolans

Ryan Jenkins – “The Archive”, multimedia installation
Simone Mantellassi – “Dissipate”, acrylics on paper
Brian Spolans – “Fantasy (Still) Life”, ink & painting on paper

Exhibition: Madison LaVallee, Betty Bryden, Carol Saggese

Madison LaVallee – “Material Composites”, sculpture
Betty Bryden – “Landscape Essence”, handmade papers collage with painting
Carol Saggese – “Letting & Making Things Happen”, acrylic collage

"Silver" – Leah Frankel & Nick George

The show, “Silver,” intermixes their depictions of the visual landscape of the world through pieces in numerous media, including gouache, silver gelatin photographs, found and assembled material, prints, and drawings.

"Quilt Show 2018" - Susquehanna Valley Quilters

The Susquehanna Valley Quilters present their Annual Quilt Show, “Antique to Modern”. All three galleries are adorned with beautiful handmade quilts and several are available to purchase.


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